Fairbanks, Alaska spawned American Roots Vocal Powerhouse, Kelly Moneymaker.  Kelly says, "Long, dark, cold winters provided the perfect environment for creativity.  As kids, we'd stay inside to listen to our favorite albums, write songs/stories and then we'd jam with all our friends."  Since she went pro at thirteen, she's been busy building a diverse body of work–from her stint with platinum-selling trio, Exposé, to Writing/Producing Love Songs for Days of Our Lives & Silvermoney’s hard-hitting, Goddess Killer to the Blues-Rock American Roots CD Race Against The Sky and New Release, STONE.

Moneymaker says, "On Race Against The Sky I put my entire heart and soul in audio form.  It took 9 years to write Race because it's about growth, love, loss & appreciation for my life.   I finally merged my singing voice with my writer's voice by going back to my roots -- to writing/performing the style of music I loved listening to growing up.  It's a mix of blues/rock with a taste of soul/funk inspired by the incredible mix of artists that used to blast on our home stereo.  I'm a storyteller by nature, influenced by unique heroes, sexy muses and a wise teacher disguised as a child.  Those who've followed my career can hear the score of my life from the cathartic exercise of "Like A Blackbird" to the self-realization of "Race Against The Sky" to the joyful celebration of the New Release "STONE".   I'm deeply grateful to be doing what I love & I hope listeners feel it."


Moneymaker's NEW LP "STONE" (an American Roots Tribute to her Blues/Southern Rock/Soul/Funk Heroes) was released February 27th and is now available on iTunes!


Former Member of Platinum Pop Trio, Exposé.


Love Theme for Bo & Hope on NBC's Days of Our Lives 
Days of Our Lives Love Songs CD 
International Songwriter's Competition & 
Independent Music Awards Finalist 
PLACEMENTS ON: Grey's Anatomy, American Pie Naked Mile, Guitar Hero, Gossip Girl, Hawaii 5-0, Burn Notice, Sony's Play Station 2, Confessions of a Go-Go Girl, Teen Cribs, Parenthood, The Heat 2013 Official Trailer and more...


Theme Song for The Grove 2013 
Riptide Music Writer/Producer/Artist 2006-Present

KELLY HAS SHARED STAGES AND/OR STUDIOS WITH: Todd Rundgren, Stevie Wonder, Enya, Exposé, Diana Ross, Jewel, Meatloaf, Ringo Starr, Keith Urban, Johnny Winter, Phillip Walker & more...

OTHER FEATURES ON TV/COMMERCIALS: Tonight Show, Good Morning America, Good Day New York, Bold & The Beautiful, Without A Trace, CSI Miami, Nissan, Sony Playstation 2, O'Douls, Mets, America's Next Top Model and more...


American Roots Vocal Powerhouse, Kelly Moneymaker, is surrounded by an incredibly talented band of musicians called IN THE BLACK.


Recording Band Members for New LP, "STONE": 



"STONE" is an American Roots LP which pays tribute Moneymaker's influences such as James Brown, Tom Petty, Parliament, Aretha Franklin, Lydia Pence, The Supremes, Wynonna Judd, Mahalia Jackson & more with a unique spin from Kelly & her soulful band, In The Black.