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Kelly Moneymaker has been a professionally represented musician since age 14. She is best known as a member of platinum-selling trio Exposé, whose singles have collectively spent 207 weeks on Billboard’s The Hot 100, had more Top 10 Hits than The Supremes, and was named one of Billboard’s Top 10 Girl Groups of All-Time.


Ms. Moneymaker co-wrote and co-produced, Joy, a holiday album for Blue Aeris Ltd. for Futures Without Violence during the pandemic, which had over 2.2 Million views during the first month after its release, and currently has 1.3 Million streams on Spotify. She also co-wrote and co-produced a soundtrack album for NBC’s Days of Our Lives, and her music has been placed in over 25 other media productions. She has shared stages or studios with Todd Rundgren, Enya, Diana Ross, George Clinton, Jewel, Meatloaf, Ringo Starr, Keith Urban, Mike Post, Johnny Winter, Mandy Moore, and more. Ms. Moneymaker broke into the Billboard Chart as an independent artist, and won New Music Weekly's Best AC40 Song with "Can't Live Without Your Love". 


Kelly remains active within the music industry as a songwriter-artist-producer and mentor.  She constantly updates her music business education in order to evolve with the rapid-fire progress of technology and trends. She obtained a Music Business Certificate from Berklee School of Music, a Bachelor of Creative Media Production degree, and a Master of Creative Enterprise degree at Massey University (Te Kenunga Ki Purehuroa), Wellington, NZ.


Kelly's multicultural roots have inspired her passion for Indigenous storytelling and the environment, which led to her directing the Award-winning documentary VAKA. Her current project, Drum Song: The Rhythm of Life, is about Indigenous climate adaptation in her homeland of Alaska.  It is being co-created with rural Native communities and Arctic researchers.  Kelly says, "You can take the woman out of Alaska, but you can never take Alaska out of the woman. It has been an honor and privilege to return to my homeland and learn from the co-creators of Drum Song: The Rhythm of Life. Each stage of the research and filmmaking process has been and will continue to be led and approved by the local Indigenous communities who’ve co-created it so we may “lift the diversity of our voices and resound together.”

Please stay tuned for the release date of Drum Song: The Rhythm of Life documentary, its accompanying soundtrack, and a new solo album.

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